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complete and absolute precision.

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what we specialise in.

Here at Syndromatic, we have made it our mission to consistently challenge the ordinary.
By infusing the complete spectrum of new media solutions, from
advanced visual design,
cutting-edge backend development, to even radical Hardware and Product Design,
we are dedicated to one principle - Delivering to our clients the perfect blend of form and function.

Our extraordinary precision and exacting quality produce enticing experiences that will leave a lasting impression. After all, we create the only design experiences that are both
timeless and ahead of their time.
We are experts in rapid development techniques and indescribable creativity, and our attention to detail ensures the success of every client engagement. This is
 SyndromatIc .

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product design // virtual environments.

Dull design is our mortal enemy. We are Syndromatic – the anti-agency. Products, UIs, graphics... we infuse them all with a rebellious spirit. We don't follow trends, we set them on fire. Our work isn't just visually striking; it demands attention, challenges expectations, and sparks a visceral reaction in your users. If you're ready to ditch the predictable and ignite your brand, Syndromatic is your design manifesto.

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SynCloudOS version 3.0 build lab06_n 

software // artificial intelligence.

Syndromatic is delivering the next revolution in Artificial Intelligence in collaboration with our partners
Medical Advice AI, Defined.AI, Scan Computers and the University of Oxford.
Sono is coming soon, powered by a next generation mixture-of-experts based LLM.

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multimedia // versatile media solutions.

Dull design is our mortal enemy. We are Syndromatic – the anti-agency.
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