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Final Speaker

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With the speaker now assembled and finally finished, this is how it looked.

January 20, 2023

I was very pleased with the look and feel of this, but again now is not the time to bask in my own glory.
I proceeded to test the speaker with my favourite song - Too Long by Daft Punk. This also happens to be the same song I used to test the speaker without any enclosure.

I have attached below the speaker playing this song - as well as the song by itself for comparison.

I did another test with a high-fidelity audio - Billy Joel's Zanzibar. The 24-bit 96kHz audio pushes any sound system to it's limits, with its jazzy bass and high hats.


In comparison to the speaker without any enclosure, sound reproduction has improved substantially. Owing to the dampening material and audio foam, there are practically no vibrations while the bass output has improved significantly. The speaker enclosure achieves all this while having a completely toolless, easy-to-access design, allowing it to be opened with ease.

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