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Concept Sketches

HOME leather.png

At first, I decided to make some very early rough foam models of what the speaker could potentially shape to look like. However, I was not satisfied with these and decided to abandon the 'tall boy' look early on.

November 21st, 2022

I then decided to go back to the drawing board (figuratively and literally) and try and come up with different speaker designs that encapsulated the ethos of the designs I looked at in Pinterest.


At first, as is evident with Design A, I tried to emulate Apple's design aesthetic of the iPod Hi-Fi, however not only did I find this unoriginal and bland, I also found it didn't bode well with modern environments. I then tried out different design styles, all encapsulating the Frutiger Aero aesthetic, before finally settling for Design D. A space-age design with a transparent frame holding the linen body.

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