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Design Excellence.

Imagine a world where visual ecstasy, gorgeous eye candy, and precise typography took the front seat of creative expressiveness.

Well, stop imagining. This is Syndromatic.

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About Me.
What I do.
Design Philosophy.

Hello there. The name's Kavish.

Welcome to my little abode of design brilliance.

I've had a passion for lickable UI and eye-catching industrial design since I was just 9. My biggest inspiration by far is Steve Jobs.

I create iconography, user interfaces and app designs, logos, graphic design in general and even video editing and effects. I have a keen eye for attention to detail, and so each design is both original and eye catching.

My weapon of choice for designs is skeuomorphism. I truly believe in creating designs that aren't forgotten, rather they're revered fondly. My designs don't sacrifice usability while being full on eye candy. And my designs are created to be as approachable and friendly as possible.

A snippet of my best. //
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